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for the BBQtion outdoor kitchen

With over 30 years of experience, we can proudly claim: We know how to build furniture. From the very beginning, we have attached great importance to good old “Made in Germany”. Production takes place at our Langenberg headquarters in the district of Gütersloh. Our production and logistics facilities and our showroom are located here on an area of 2,000 square meters.

We like short distances – not only for grilling and cooking. That’s why we work almost exclusively with regional partners and suppliers. This don’t only saves time and money, but is also better for the environment. While we’re on the subject: What many companies are discovering for themselves at the moment – resource-saving management and avoiding waste – is something we have been doing for decades. That’s why, for example, we take packaging material with us directly after assembling and reuse it.

Our Surfaces

Foundation for long enjoyment

Compared to the indoor version, the surface of an outdoor kitchen has to withstand a lot more: Ideally, it’s in constant use and can cope with us cutting vegetables, putting pots down, and the occasional spill when mixing sauces and dressings. At the same time, it defies all weather conditions, whether rain, wind or snow. To keep the kitchen looking good and lasting forever, you need the right materials – and we have them!

We are happy to present our favorite surfaces here, with which we have had very good experiences for years. No matter which material you choose: Thanks to the straight design, BBQtion kitchens fit perfectly into your terraces and gardens. Even if you should have other material or decor wishes, we are open to your ideas. Together we will find the right surface for your BBQtion.

HPL: High Pressure Laminate

Multilayer surface with high durability

HPL panels are made of heat-resistant resins, which makes them particularly robust, scratch- and impact-resistant. Thoughts about sauce splashes or red wine drops are a thing of the past, because HPL is very easy to clean. We offer our HPL surfaces in a variety of decors. They are available in many matt shades and create a very natural and noble look, especially in combination with wood.

For example, our reclaimed oak tops are ideal for the table extension and sliding counter. In this case, we strongly recommend protecting the wood from rain and weather with a cover, which you can also order from us. But not only the wood is happy about a protective cover: If you ever have a longer outdoor break, your BBQtion is then quickly ready for use without much cleaning.

Unique CeramiC

Extraordinary surface meets function

Turn your kitchen into a unique work of art! Each ceramic front is made from a single plate. If you choose a front with structure, you will get an exclusive grain pattern on the entire surface, which will make your kitchen unique. To make the most of the special properties of ceramics, experience with this valuable material is essential. That is why we are at your side closely during planning, production and installation.

Due to the high degree of hardness, our ceramic surfaces are abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. So you can easily put down hot vessels and even cut food without a base. The closed surface prevents liquids from being absorbed – spilled drinks, sauces & co. therefore do not affect the ceramic kitchen. To clean the surface, a little dishwashing liquid and water is usually enough. One of our BBQtion highlights is the revolutionary BBQtion-INDUCTION – an integrated induction system that allows you to cook directly on the countertop!