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Your individual outdoor kitchen

Create a menu: The way to your individual dream kitchen

Well planned is half way to success. Of course, this is especially true for the kitchen – whether indoors or outdoors – after all, in the best case, it should provide us with several decades of valuable service. Planning the BBQtion kitchen is very simple and follows the motto: Everything is possible. No matter how much space you have available, the BBQtion adapts wonderfully to your garden or terrace thanks to flexible modular construction. This makes every kitchen unique and expandable at any time.

You realize after a few years that you would still like to have a refrigerator or a larger countertop? No problem, we simply add another module. We stand by you closely as a partner along the way and work with you to find the solution that fits your very personal needs. We have summarized the individual planning steps for you here:

1. Collect impressions

We will be happy to help you decide where to put the kitchen. Just send us photos of your garden and terrace, and together we will find the optimal location for your new sweetheart.

2. Clarify requirements

We build exactly the kitchen you need. That’s why we discuss your needs and wishes intensively in advance. How much space is available? Wall or island solution? Which grill should be installed? Do you need other elements such as a hob, refrigerator, sink or dishwasher? We will find the answers to all these questions together.

3. Visualize the kitchen

When you choose a BBQtion kitchen, we develop a 3D view based on our discussions. So you can see at first glance how the modules and appliances will be arranged and get a first feeling for your new kitchen.

4. Fine tuning

If the design is exactly what you want, we can start building your kitchen right away. But maybe there is something you want to change – another grill or more drawers? Let’s talk about this to find the optimal solution that meets your wishes 100 percent. Then it’s time for you to sit back and be patient for a little while longer. And for us: roll up our sleeves and get started.

Choose ingredients: modular construction

As each BBQtion is individually assembled, you can design your outdoor dream kitchen entirely according to your own wishes. This is possible through our three 95 cm high modules in different widths (60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm) and depths (75 cm, 100 cm). The 75 cm deep version can be fitted with an optional back panel in the same look as the fronts. The freestanding solution with a depth of 100 cm has the advantage that you can serve your kitchen from both sides – so no one gets in each other’s way, even in times of busy meal preparations.

Your outdoor kitchen must not be inferior to its indoor sister in any way. That’s why we don’t compromise on materials, features or storage space. Each carcass is made of high-quality HPL, robust panels made of heat-resistant resins. The space available in the outdoor kitchen is almost unlimited. Doors and drawers can be used in all modules. The countertop is already integrated and made of one continuous piece. If you need even more space, simply add the table built into the drawer and you have gained another 90 cm. Another highlight: the attached, sliding counter made of oak wood, ceramic or HPL offers you maximum flexibility.