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of the BBQtion outdoor kitchen

Invisible Cooking

Ceramics makes it possible

With the revolutionary BBQtion-INDUCTION we offer the possibility of cooking or preparing food directly on the countertop with integrated underbuilt induction system: Food of all kinds can be prepared with pleasure on the induction fields of different sizes, depending on your wishes. On top of the already known technical characteristics of ceramics (resistance to stains, scratches, shocks, etc.) there is a high thermal resistance and the complete aesthetic continuity.

The markings in the ceramic alone indicate the individual cooking zones; sensors detect whether induction cookware is on the surface or not. The induction technology works through the ceramic and effectively heats the pots and pans placed there, while the control panel finds its place optionally in the countertop or the front panel. And the beauty is that the ceramic surface cools down quickly after cooking, the induction is protected under the work surface, which is also easy to clean, and in no time the kitchen is back in the aesthetic spotlight.

Advantages of the invisible induction:

  • large work area with additional space
  • puristic, tidy appearance
  • easy-care, waterproof, robust surface in various designs
  • high safety factor due to immediate cooling of the cooking zone
  • short boiling time
  • low energy consumption

The Perfect Grill

Simply turn on the flame

Let’s face it: the perfect barbecue is only as good as the grill that makes it possible. This brings us to the heart of your outdoor kitchen: the grill. And there are no limits to your imagination. Do you burn for charcoal or do you prefer to give it real gas? Or even both? We can implement any built-in grill in your kitchen – for your individual grilling experience. We work with the best manufacturers in the grill business and find the right solution for every kitchen dream!

integrated sink

Invisibly embedded

The time spent grilling and with guests is best enjoyed when you don’t have to worry much about what comes after. With the matching sink your BBQtion shines again in no time. Thanks to a retractable fitting, the sink can be covered. Thus, it is perfectly protected and at the same time provides additional space. The entire sink is precision-crafted from stainless steel, giving you the added bonus of cleanliness, flexibility and design – all in one hand. The cover itself is manufactured on rebate, so it is flush with the countertop and of course available in all materials, for a purist look throughout.

Good chilled

Due to integrated refrigerator

Let’s face it, perfectly tempered drinks are simply part of a perfect barbecue. Forget the times when you frantically rushed into the house to quickly grab another bottle of beer. With the right refrigerator, you can devote yourself entirely to your guests and the time you spend together. And the only temperature you need to pay attention to, is that of your steak. Thanks to marine-grade stainless steel, our refrigerators are corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for year-round outdoor use. Sufficient volume ensures that you won’t be caught cold even if you have a spontaneous visitor – at most the drinks.

Perfect storage space

Thanks to fitting inserts

Not only the delicacies find their right place: Decide where drawers and doors should be located and what is hidden behind them. With cutlery and drawer inserts, bottle, plate and spice holders as well as trash can inserts, your BBQtion becomes your individual space. And if things get heated not only at the grill but also between people, you’d better go inside to slam the door. Because all drawers and doors close automatically thanks to soft-close technology. To ensure that this also applies to the technology, sockets are integrated discreetly on the front and back of your BBQtion, as are vents for the grill and gas bottle.