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BBQtion outdoor kitchenin ceramic for the atrium

This outdoor kitchen consists of an island solution that can be operated from both sides and is 80 cm deep. It is made entirely from ceramic and features a textured pattern across the entire front. The worktop is a slightly darker shade of ceramic than the fronts.


  • ceramic suface with texture from one front to the other
  • outdoor fridge with push to open motor – closes and opens as by itself
  • counter top, slidable, ceramic
  • back side in ceramic with pattern over the whole side

Equipment Depth 80 cm:

  • Grill Fulgor Milano, stainless steel
  • Hob Fulgor Milano
  • Compressor fridge with front in ceramic
  • Front side with 2 drawers, 1 deep drawer with rubbish bin, 1 door for gas bottle
  • Back side: 2 back panels in ceramic with ventilation for fridge and gas bottle
  • Cover

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